Thursday, April 28, 2011

Transplanting Seedlings at Vaiuso Farms

Hello Gardeners,
Thanks to our BCG volunteers for help in transplanting hundreds of seedlings today at Vaiuso Farms! Thanks to Malaine, Maryanne, Pat, Sue, Maureen, Carol and Jinny!
Vaiuso Farms germinates our seedlings and tends them prior to the BCG volunteers transplanting them into 6-packs. Vaiuso's donates 6-packs and growth medium, plus the labor to tend the seedlings. Now, the folks at Vaiuso's will tend them for the next couple of weeks before we offer them to our gardeners, and then at the plant sale at Willoughby Wallace Library on May 14 and 15.
After transplanting today several of us used the opportunity to see what Vaiuso's has for sale. They have BEAUTIFUL lettuces, arugula, herbs, tomato plants and much more. Please support Vaiuso's. They have been so generous to us.